"WHYTE PRIVILEGE: Live Audio Confessions Of Kulio Berken"
This audiomovie consist of .mp3 files (opening credits, introduction, chapters 1-13 and ending credits. (Rated R)

Kerence Rachaan Smith, born August 14th 1976, is an author from Augusta, Ga. He developed a passion for writing creatively as a child of elementary school age. He further honed his craft of writing as a aspiring recording artist by the time he reached high school and would become arguably one of the best lyricist of his day (not locally but nationally) according to legend. This visionary's dreams were halted by an unlikely prison term for which he served 10 years for a crime he didn't commit. And now he's here to reclaim his glory and set the record straight! With the most beautifully gripping tale (reflective of many stories traded amongst inmates in prison to escape the harsh reality of mental servitude) he romanticize the lives they once led in exaggerated fashion to present to you the Audiomovie "WHYTE PRIVILEGE: Live Audio Confessions Of Kulio Berken" a testament to one of the greatest unknown MC's of all time. In a genre of his own, he proves that he's a writer in a way that the average rapper could never be!