Welcome to the home of The Augusta Buyers' Club!!!

Dear Potential Club Member,
I Really Believe That Every Barbershop and Beauty Salon should also serve as a Barber and/or Beauty Supply retail space!!! Do you???
Agree or disagree? 
Well my reasoning... Practioners need supplies to perform services and customers need products to maintain their appearances in between visits. Besides, who better suited than you Practioner to sale barber/beauty supplies... Exactly!!!
Here's your golden opportunity CSRA. We are currently accepting new members in our exclusive buyers club at a discounted price for a limited time. " HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO START YOUR OWN BARBER/BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE WITH LESS THAN 1K." I hope I've gotten your ATTENTION now because you can!!! Yes you can and I'd like to show you how.
How much does each employee in your establishment spend annually for supplies? How much does the barbershop or beauty salon spend as an unit? And ultimately, how do you benefit from sending your customers to barber and beauty supply stores?... RIGHT!
Wholesale pricing  will forever change our lives...  It allows us to offer better pricing to our staff and customers and give consumers more reason to visit our establishments for other than services we provide and open additional revenue streams for practitioners in an oversaturated market of grooming professionals. 
"Are we there yet?"
If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please submit the contact form below. "All members must be licensed in the field of barbering and /or cosmetology and have a valid state ID." We look forward to having you become a part of our team. In the words of the first self-made woman millionaire in America who was also a major figure in the haircare industry, to say the least "Don't sit down and wait on opportunities to come, get up and make them"
-Madam CJ Walker
Our Regards- Augusta Buyers Club

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