The famed "Garden City Motivator" t-shirt has sparked the attention of many homegrown residents. The caption refers to the beautiful Azalea that has been a symbol of springtime in Augusta since many of us locals first learned to ride bikes and fly kites in our beloved city that is mostly known for it's relationship to the 'Godfather of Soul' himself Mr. James Brown and the prestigious Master's golf tournament that is noted the world throughout. Aside from being a thriving medical community and a budding cyber command post, this garden has been long overdue some nurturing and motivation. "City Pride" is also blazoned across the middle of the Tee and the state of Georgia is nestled purposely in between those words for we are the caretakers of our state (of being) and we must take pride in doing so. Last but not least is the symbol atop the state of Georgia that has piqued interest: (a X DOT and barber pole) forming a stick figure which symbolizes the crossroads of communities that are prevalent in barbershops. We at 'The Executive Chair' has prided ourselves in bridging gaps in our community and bringing multiple ethnicities of people together in an environment traditionally as segregated as many churches, the barbershop! A place that has also as many churches have served a the cornerstone of a number of communities. The Garden City Motivator T-shirt fundraiser campaign has allowed us the leverage to address the needs of some less fortunate members of Augusta by providing them with free haircuts and a meal with hopes we could assist in helping them find gainful employment in improving there appearance and building comradery in sharing the love of good food and good music. Garden City

Motivators are the people of Augusta who are dedicated to improving the quality of relationships between community members regardless of their race, religion, political background or sexuality. Get yours today at The Executive Chair Barbershop LLC 2331 Old Barton Chapel Rd. Augusta GA 30906 and join the ranks.